Welcome to the kickstart
of your career!

Postillion Hotels and HotelloTOP are excited to announce the possibility of a lifetime! Right after graduating from one of the Dutch Hotel Management Schools, you could win your dream job: a General Manager position at a 4-star hotel. During a rollercoaster year, you will learn everything you need for a fantastic career in the hotel industry. Curious?

We are looking for you!

Postillion Hotels and HotelloTOP are looking for the GM of the future. So who do we think that is? We are looking for a Hotello pur sang. You are energetic, hospitable and most of all; you get a kick from achieving results. Moreover, you are socially skilled, inventive, pragmatic and ambitious. You will definitely need a strong work ethic and a healthy dose of courage!

Is this the real deal?

Yes it is! The winner of the the NXT GM Challenge will start his/her new job on September 1st 2019. You read correctly: job, not internship. You will be 100% responsible for running the hotel. Financially, operationally, commercially, the whole package. Does that scare you a tiny bit? Great! We’ve got you covered. Throughout the year, you will be coached by ‘Captains of Industry’. People with years of working experience and a proven track record. Still thrilled to participate? 

About the nxt GM Challenge!


To participate, we’re going to need a few details about you. You can find all that information in the registration form. In addition, your first assignment is to share with us why other people (your future employees and colleagues) would like to work for you. Use your creativity for this assignment! Send us a letter, make a little movie, get crafty with paint… show us your personality!


Once you register, you are embarking on a great adventure! Please take a good look at the competition outline so you are aware of all the important dates.

  • You are a student or graduate of one of the Dutch Hotel Management Schools;
  • You are in the final year of your study and have no more obligations or exams per September 1st 2019, or you have graduated maximum 2 years ago;
  • You are available full-time, from September 1st 2019 until August 31st 2020;
  • You are at least 18 years old;
  • You have a driver’s license;
  • You master the English language very well, both orally and in writing;
  • You have a good understanding of the Dutch language;
  • You have had at least one additional (part-time or full-time) job in the hospitality industry.

Sunday September 30th 2018
Registration deadline

Monday October 1st 2018
Start competition

Friday October 19th 2018
Announcement of Top 10 candidates

Saturday November 17th 2018
Jury assessment & Announcement of Top 3 finalists

November 18th – December 1st 2018
Each finalist experiences “A day in the life of a GM”

Wednesday January 9th 2019
Final voting during Future Hotello & announcement of winner at HotelloTOP Year Event

January 10th – August 31st 2019
Time to finish your studies

September 1st 2019 – August 31st 2020
Your dream job awaits!


So where will you be kickstarting your career? Postillion Hotels Netherlands is a bubbly company with a team of young professionals. It is a small team with short communication lines and quick decision making processes. We offer you a young team of hardworking people, who strive to be the first and best, are innovative, and are always looking for possibilities. Developing ourselves as a team and growing the business is what Postillion is all about. So, let’s go over some facts & figures! We have eight beautiful locations, which are located in Arnhem, Amsterdam, Bunnik, Utrecht, Dordrecht, Haren Groningen, Rotterdam and last but not least, Amersfoort Veluwemeer.

​Still sounds cool? Let us tell you a bit more about your future work place!

Postillion Hotel Amersfoort Veluwemeer​ is known for its calming, natural surroundings and has a stunning lake view from its terrace. In addition to that, the bar, restaurant, spa and meeting rooms offer your guests all the essentials for both relaxation and concentration. It’s definitely a place where leisure meets business and vice versa.

More information

Are you excited, but do you need a bit more information before you register? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and details.
Your contact person: Karin Duysens | karin.duysens@servicecenter4h.com | +31 43 356 1091